Over the years, we have established a strong IT Infrastructure with experienced team of personnel to provide on-site technical support services. We offer our clients a comprehensive array of services to alleviate their IT problems that could impede their business productivity. We also provide IT consultancy services as well as render system implementations for our valued clients. We work closely with our clients to come up with customized and cost-effective IT solutions.

Our Shared Services Outsourcing services comprise of three pillars critical for any business organizations, including network services/ technical support, disaster recovery and project management to increase bottom-line efficiency and promote top-line innovations.

IT Services

We offer one-stop IT Services solution to SMEs, MNCs and Government bodies, coupled with our competitive advantages in speed, agility and flexibility. Clients recognise us for our project experiences and select us because their business-driven demands are consistently met and exceeded by JMC.

We are continuously sharpening our competitive edge by forming stronger IT resources including: having new and robust infrastructure, developing capable IT people, and implementing popular & new IT technologies into real business environments. JMC executes numerous IT projects for some of the largest IT and Non-IT firms in the Region.

At consulting level, our services comprises of:
  • Network Consulting Services
  • Network Analysis and Profiling Services
  • Network Security Solution
  • Mission critical Server Hosting
  • Processes Design and Implementation
At operation and implementation levels, we provide end to end services in the following suites:
  • Network Maintenance and Support Services
  • Server Maintenance and Support Services
  • Data Network Structure Cabling Implementation
  • Internet Services Application and Commission
  • Network Security Implementation
  • Server and Network Infrastructure Setup
  • Basic Shared Web and Email Hosting Services
  • Dedicated Server and Server Co-location Hosting Services



SSO solutions are gaining popularity for increasing bottom-line efficiency and promoting top-line innovation. Our engineers apply their experience and creativity to help you craft a Shared Services strategy to provide unmatched advantage in terms of cost, delivery and innovation.

SSO solutions provide a smart alternative for companies seeking the savings from consolidation, standardization and optimization of transaction processing, management reporting, and management resources while shedding operational risks yet still remaining closely involved with strategic alignment decisions.

The three pillars critical to any business organizations are:

1) Network services / Technical support

We are able to help and support your network technologies from secured data connectivity to mission-critical applications. We offer a comprehensive suite of services in the areas of Data Networking, Network Security, Network Support and Maintenance.

2) Disaster Recovery (DR)

Rescuing your businesses from disasters and building prudent business continuity plans requires a clear understanding of your business nature and the present risks your business is exposed to. Recovery plans for most organizations are only prepared and put in place after having gone through a rough ride of losing millions of dollars due to unexpected disasters.

Our DR Consultants will advise your organisation on appropriate strategies and work with you to implement recovery infrastructures and services. We will provide the disaster recovery plans, infrastructure and network facilities to quickly resume mission-critical functions and keep your businesses up and running.

3) Project Management

Carefully planned projects, sound estimates and strong management skills are what you will get from our experienced Project Managers (PM). Specialized in business and IT, our assigned PM will assist you to meet your goals and objectives in stipulated time and an agreed budget.

In summary, we work hard to create an inclusive and cooperative framework which will allow the best IT and managed outsourcing solutions to work for you.


We offers consumers a wide range of Products from Desktop, Laptop/Ultrabook, Server and Softwares.

Brands we carry include,
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