JMC TALENT SEARCH PTE. LTD. (formerly known as JMC Employment Agency Pte. Ltd.)

JMC Talent Search Pte. Ltd. (formerly known as JMC Employment Agency Pte. Ltd.) was formed in 1993 with the intention of creating a warmer, personal, and individual approach to personnel recruitment. We envisaged that under the direction of a dynamic and people-centric management, this would produce successful matches for our clients and candidates. While we are best known for our expertise with IT positions, we also perform custom searches in all areas of business.

JMC delivers genuine service making recruitment a pleasure for all concerned. We take customized approaches to employment and have successfully grown as a boutique firm with the capability of servicing the Asia Pacific region. From supplying a single permanent or contract hire to recruiting a whole team of temporary staff, we provide comprehensive recruiting solutions to our clients who benefit from a dedicated team of consultants in making successful career matches. Our team's approach and commitment in taking care of client and candidate needs makes us unique in what we do.

Our work ethic exceeds the highest standards in our industry and is a source of value and competitive advantage to our clients. JMC's suite of services includes payroll, management, and other HR resources. Our ability to manage and implement various other business functions and services for our clients allows JMC to be one of the most flexible and adaptive HR service providers.


  • Consultants
    We have experienced and knowledgeable consultants who are ready to serve a wide range of industries through our extensive database of job seekers both in and out of Singapore. We serve individuals who are looking for a new job, a career change, or better opportunities.

    We are committed to creating mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and candidates. We satisfy our clients' niche by delivering suitable candidates through our comprehensive screening procedure to meet their staffing needs in every industry sector.

  • Permanent Staffing
    At JMC, we get the right people for the right job at the right time. There is no compromise in the quality of candidates. At all stages, from initial filtering to final selection, candidates will be screened by our trained and highly-qualified recruitment consultants. JMC utilizes the latest candidate sourcing technologies and has set up various institutional joint ventures to ensure that we have an extensive database of quality candidates. Our fine-tuned selection work-flows provide the best people for your organization's culture and work environment.

  • Temporary and Contractual Staffing
    Many organizations have turned to hiring on temporary or contractual basis as a cost-effective means of meeting short-term manpower needs. JMC provides flexible staffing solutions to satisfy your organization's dynamic human resource requirements. Whether it is for special projects, or seasonal manpower shortages, our meticulously formed but flexible temporary and contractual job candidate pool gives you a wide range of expertise to choose from.

  • Regional Recruitment (ASIA-PACIFIC)
    JMC has offices throughout the Asia-Pacific region (including Australia and New Zealand). Our international presence has allowed us to source candidates from resource-rich countries to countries that have a particular skill shortage. JMC has organized recruitment drives in various disciplines from medicine, mining, aviation, manufacturing and IT.

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